We recognise that Estate Agency has changed in the 100 years since our firm opened it’s doors. It is common now for Estate Agents to be independent from Solicitors which means that as soon as an offer is received on your house… you are passed to someone entirely new who will take over the conveyancing. This can lead to legal issues being missed from the start which could have been otherwise easily resolved.

So why use MGW Property Services?

  • ALL Services under ONE ROOF
  • Legal issues affecting the sale of your property such as the death of a title holder or the separation of joint owners can be resolved from the earliest opportunity
  • We offer competitive prices for both the marketing and the conveyancing
  • You benefit from over 100 years local experience and knowledge
  • You will avoid small print referral fees between ‘independent’ Estate Agents and the solicitors they recommend
  • Our prices are transparent from the start!
  • We are able to assist you with purchasing your next property, up-dating your will and other legal services