A Will is a legal document which allows you to express what you want to happen to your belongings when you die and who you would like to benefit from your assets in the future (i.e. your money, property, jewellery and other valuables). Many people find the idea of making a Will difficult and stressful. No-one likes to contemplate their own death and making a Will is often something that people know they should do - but just can’t face. In fact if you do not leave a Will, statutory rules known as the Laws of Intestacy can mean that the spouse or partner you have is not legally protected against prior legal rights of other family members, who may inherit in the absence of a will. Making a will avoids all of this and makes sure the people you love, or charities you respect, benefit exactly as you want them to.

At MGW Solicitors we make the process as simple as possible to ensure that when you die, your wishes are followed and your family are protected from additional stress and hassle. Many of our clients report feeling a sense of relief knowing that their Will is complete.


The first step is arranging a confidential discussion with one of our solicitors to review your circumstances and discuss your wishes for the future. We will then prepare the Will and meet with you again to complete. The Will is then safely stored for the future.

We are also pleased to offer home and hospital visits when required.

Cancer Research Free Will Service


If you’re over 55, the Free Will Service allows you to easily write or update a simple Will for free.

Most people who use the service leave a gift to Cancer Research UK who pay our firm a reduced fee for writing the Will on your behalf. Their support is helping to beat cancer for future generations.

You are under no obligation to leave a gift to Cancer Research if you use this service and receive full independent legal advice in relation to your affairs and the preparation of a simple Will. Please note more complex Wills or additional legal services may have additional fees which would be explained to you before any chargeable work being undertaken.

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Who will manage your affairs should you become incapable due to an accident or illness such? Who will sign cheques, documents and pay the bills? Do you own a business or property? Who would make decisions on your behalf in these circumstances? 

Unless you have a Power of Attorney in place no-one, not even your spouse or next-of-kin has the power to manage your affairs without making an application to the Court for Guardianship at considerable cost in both time and money.


Although an unpleasant thought, many people lose the ability to handle their own affairs during their lifetime. However, by signing a Power of Attorney you can ensure that if this should ever happen, someone you have chosen and trust will be able to quickly and easily step in to look after your affairs and make important decisions on your behalf.

WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT TOMORROW HOLDS. Preparing for the future is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. A Power of Attorney may save your family and friends both heartache and unnecessary expense so make an appointment with one of our solicitors TODAY on 01294 278355 to arrange for your Power of Attorney to be completed.


Similar to Power of Attorney, Guardianship may be granted in respect of an adult who has lost the ability to make decisions for themselves (know as an adult with incapacity.) Anyone with an interest can make an application for a guardianship order. Guardianship is likely to be more suitable when decisions need to be taken on an ongoing basis. To give you an idea of the types of circumstances that might be suitable for a guardianship order, please refer to the case studies provided by the Office of the Public Guardian.

If you think Guardianship may be appropriate for someone close to you then at our initial appointment we will discuss the circumstances and make sure that such an application is appropriate. If we agree that the application is appropriate in the circumstances then a list of powers if requested on your behalf to the Court which often include powers which deal with the adult’s property and/or financial affairs and/or to make decisions about their personal welfare.


The application must be supported by two medical reports and a Social Work Report. Unfortunately, the provision of these reports from the relevant parties can take some time to obtain.

Once the reports are available the application is sent to the Court and based on the adult’s condition and circumstances, the Sheriff will decide how long the order should last. It is usual for orders to be granted for a period of 3 years; however it might be granted for a longer period of time or indeed for the lifetime of the adult.


All solicitors in the firm are notaries. A Notary Public is a solicitor with special Crown authority to witness and confirm Official Declarations and Court Affidavits. If you require the services of a notary public please contact our office to make an appointment. Please note for all notary appointments the following is required:-

  • Photographic Identification such as a passport or driving Licence
  • Proof of your current address such as a recent utility bill or bank statement
  • The principal of any document which requires to be notarised.


For some people separation from their spouse or partner can be one of the most difficult and stressful periods of their lives. Very often, when dealing with complex emotions our decision making is compromised and it is therefore important to obtain initial legal advice as soon as possible.

At MGW Solicitors we understand that each client’s circumstances are unique. Some people want matters concluded quickly and plans put in place urgently while others require more time , taking each step along the road with care. Whatever your situation and intention legal advice and assistance will help .

The law which provides for Separation and Divorce is complicated and how it is applied will depend on your circumstances. (i.e. whether you are married, have children, property etc.). We strive to make the road forward as easy as possible with not only expert legal advice but also practical tips and contact with other agencies who can assist.

We offer a calm, professional service which will be tailored to you.

If you have separated from your partner recently and don’t know what to do next or if you require advice regarding Divorce or the Sale of Jointly owned property then contact our team TODAY to arrange a FREE telephone consultation or initial appointment.

Married Couples and Civil Partners

When a married couple separate they require to make arrangements for any children and their finances before they can obtain a Divorce.

At the date that parties separate all assets and liabilities owned by them are deemed to be ‘Matrimonial Property’ and should be shared equally between parties on Divorce/Dissolution. There are important exceptions to this principals and you should discuss these with your solicitor.

Cohabiting Couples

When parties are not married but live together as if man and wife they are ‘cohabiting’. The law may provides a remedy if one party has lost out financially to the other. Parties only have one year to make a claim against a former partner under the cohabitation rules – otherwise you will be time barred from doing so.


We love our children the most and want to protect them during separation. The law requires that all decisions made regarding children must be in their best interests and usually that means a continuing loving relationship with both parents. Of course, there are circumstances where steps require to be taken to protect children from emotional and physical harm. In this situation Court orders may be required and this can be discussed fully with your solicitor.

How will we agree?

It can be difficult for parties in often very emotionally difficult situations to agree on the best way forward. We will assist you in effectively negotiating the settlement that is right for you. In some cases it may also recommend that you attend mediation with your former partner to try to achieve an agreement more directly while we ensure that your interests are protected.

What is a Separation Agreement?

Once an agreement has been reached this is set out in a Separation Agreement. This will be specific to your circumstances and may include the arrangements for children, the transfer or sale of joint property, the operation of any on-going financial obligations either party has to the other and detail when those obligations come to an end.

What about Divorce (or Dissolution)?

Divorce in Scotland can be obtained when the Court has evidence of irretrievable breakdown of marriage or civil partnership. Grounds for Divorce include adultery and unreasonable behavior but most usually on the basis that parties have lived apart for two years or one year when both agree that the Divorce should be granted. If there are no children and no financial matters to be attended to then Divorce can be obtained relatively simply by ‘Simplified Procedure’ otherwise an application must be made to the Court under Ordinary Procedure. We can discuss which would be best for you if you are considering Divorce.


When it comes to personal injury claims, we work with leading solicitors based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Ayr and Kirkcaldy, who have served clients successfully for over 100 years. Collaborating with experts in personal injury means we can ensure our clients receive a consistently high-quality service. 

Our personal injury partners

When our clients come to us for advice on personal injury matters, we can call on experts in this area to provide specialist legal advice and representation. From road traffic accidents to workplace accidents, our personal injury partners work tirelessly to make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.


No-win, no-fee services

As part of the Compensate Personal Injury Network, the personal injury solicitors we collaborate with offer a no-win, no-fee service. This means they can fund and insure your case from beginning to end, ensuring that you receive the highest financial compensation available.

Maximum damages

Our accident claim partners work to ensure your best interests are served. This means they will not settle for anything less than the maximum compensation you deserve for the pain, stress and inconvenience, as well as disruption to your social and working life, that your injury has caused.

Award-winning personal injury specialists

As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality legal services, we work with award-winning personal injury lawyers whose expertise have been recognised by Scott & Co Legal Awards, Chambers Guide to the UK Legal Profession and Legal 500.

Personal injury services

The accident claim solicitors we work with provide advice and representation for all areas of personal injury, including:

  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Accidents at Work
  • Accidents Abroad
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Product Liability (injuries arising from any type of product)
  • Food Poisoning Claims
  • Fatal Accident Claims and Damages
  • Industrial Disease and Asbestos
  • Cycling Accidents
  • Motorcycling Accidents
  • General Trips & Falls
  • Abuse Claims and Damages
  • Criminal Injuries (arising from violent or sexual crimes)

With accident claims, it is imperative that you act fast. Claims often have expiry dates, and important details can be lost or forgotten over time. To ensure you receive the maximum compensation for any personal injury claim, contact us without delay.


MGW can offer you all the help you need when it comes to buying or selling a home, be it here in Irvine or further afield. We are here to guide you through the whole process from start to finish. If you are selling your property, we can assist you with the marketing (link to estate agency) or from when you have received an offer from a buyer, that you wish to accept. We can help you make attractive offers to purchase new property and guide you through the legal matters until the property is yours!

From beginning to end, your case will be handled only by a highly solicitor assisted by a qualified paralegal with special experience in conveyancing. Contact us (link) for a free quotation today!

Commercial Conveyancing

This is the process whereby businesses are bought and sold, or property which you may own or occupy are bought and sold or leased. Here at MGW our commercial department headed up by Partner Alan Reid has years of experience in the purchase and sale of businesses, commercial leasing, and the licensing and regulatory issues which accompany this, and can ,if the business issue involves specialist tax or structural planning for the business, connect this issue to dedicated experts in this field for you.

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When a loved one passes on, the legal issues can be quite daunting. Whether or not the person who has died has left a Will (link to Wills) there are issues to be attended to and legal advice in the early days following a death can be vital in preventing complications and frustrations down the line. We offer a free initial chat in order to provide you with straightforward guidance at this very difficult time. It may that this is the only advice you require however should matters be more complex, we will be able to assist you until all matters are resolved.

Where there is a house involved to sell or transfer, or relatively high value levels of savings, the courts require that Confirmation (known in England as probate) is obtained through a solicitor. We know that this can be a daunting and very difficult time, but you can be assured that MGW Solicitors, with over 100 years of experience will guide you through the process and relive some of that burden and stress.